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Photo courtesy Rannvá Joensen

Flying over the Faroe Islands,  Jeff captures the beauty of this stunning Atlantic Archipelago, located between Iceland and Norway.

Retired architect, Jeff Bleaman, is a Scottsdale, Arizona and Rockville, Maryland-based photographer, whose passion for photography blossomed after professional retirement.  That passion has been a driving factor in his travels around the world to capture images and memories.


While the predominance of image-sharing utilizes electronic media, Jeff believes that no electronic image can compares to the impression and impact of the photographic print.  While many will scroll through a series of images on a computer or smart phone, spending only a few seconds on each image, when one observes a photographic print or painting, in person, one examines it more closely and better absorbs the imagery and detail.  You may have experienced this, as well.


Therefore, Jeff has created series of limited edition prints, created on museum quality archival paper with archival inks guaranteed to last a lifetime without fading or changing color, assuming proper care and protection from exposure to ultraviolet radiation such as sunlight.  These images are matted and ready for framing to be displayed and enjoyed for years to come.


For any questions or further inquiry, contact Jeff. 


Periodically, Jeff will accept customized photographic assignments, and you are invited to contact Jeff in this regard.


T- 480-209-0924

Thanks! Message sent.

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